Some Photos from Mexico – Taken With The New Fuji x-e1

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Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico to shoot an incredible wedding, but more on that another time. While I was there I was able to do a little exploring and I brought along my new Fuji x-e1 and Fuji 35mm lens. All of these images were shot in JPEG with Fuji’s in-camera film simulation. This means NO post processing! Hallelujah. I am excited about the quality of the images and about the look of Fuji’s film simulation. This is definitely my new travel/walk around camera. The days of lugging an SLR around are OVER! For those of you who have a Fuji- most of these images were the provia simulation with the highlight tone at -2 and the shadow tone at -1. Thanks to my bud Michael for being my model in a bunch of these.

  1. pinkopunko

    Interesting. Thanks to share.

  2. Mike Gilger

    I love the shot of Michael walking into the water and the fat sunburned guy walking into the frame.

  3. Sarah Rominger

    Wow – NO post processing? That’s pretty darn impressive. =) These are great!

  4. Cassandra - Aruba Weddings

    Great shots. I like the “natural” look of these photographs!

  5. Ali Paul

    X-E1 is BOSS. Nice frames!

  6. Mariana Maya

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I miss Mexico so much!!!!

  7. Zoe

    Oh these are GORGEOUS!!! It must have been terribley exciting taking a new toy away on holiday with you – all those lush colours, and new things to see – love it!!

  8. ray

    well done, bryan – great set. and cheers to no post-processing!

  9. Kelsie Taylor

    ahh, makes me want to go back to mexico so much! great photos.

  10. Mercedes

    These are really fun! Not so much how nice the camera is that makes the post great, but how you managed to capture the spirit of the place you visited.

  11. Brian Kraft

    Cool! Great fun to see! Big fan of Fuji and their X100 and can’t wait to get my hands on the new X100S.

  12. Mary Sylvia

    Awesome, nice review of the Fuji x-e1, and same as Kari it makes me want to go back to Mexico :)

  13. Kari Bellamy

    nice work, i really want to go to mexico now. Thanks :)

  14. Paul Benjamin

    Awesome work, I really get a feel for Mexico from looking at this set of images. I’m kind of jealous now that I have never been.

  15. sara

    these rock so hard!! how are you liking the xe1?

  16. Nora

    One day I’ll get to Mexico myself. Nice one.

  17. Jessie

    I don’t why… but I really love that shot of the cat. All of these are awesome!

  18. Tim Riddick

    These frames make me want to run out grab one of these xe1′s

  19. Michael

    Dude, nicely done. Love ‘em all. Loved the time we got to hang. Love you. Keep up the inspiring work!

  20. Joyce

    WOW! It makes me want to get the camera but I know I am not as good as you, though. :D Lovely work as always!

  21. Brad Ross

    Refreshing take on vacation photos. Lovely.

  22. Leo

    Nice work, Bryan! Really gets the mood of the place across, especially the last 5 photos. Can’t wait to see the wedding you shot there as well.

  23. abbey

    love these! and love the idea of just shooting and not thinking afterward about what to do with them. so, so cool. thanks for sharing bryan!

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